This website is dedicated to hosting live streaming video events from the Moogseum in Ashville, NC. Regular events are currently planned.

About the Moogseum

The Moogseum is a hallmark project of the Bob Moog Foundation, the culmination of over 15 years of hard work and focus with our other main projects, Dr. Bob’s SoundSchool and the Bob Moog Foundation Archives. 

The Moogseum opened in the spring of 2019 and is located at 56 Broadway Street in the heart of downtown Asheville, NC, USA. It marks the convergence of the Foundation’s goals of educating and inspiring people through electronic music, just as Bob did himself, and serves as an educational, historical, and cultural resource to Western North Carolina and the worldwide electronic music community through the following exhibits: 

Patching Sound: Understanding Modular Synthesis: A hands-on exhibit letting visitors “patch,” or create, sounds on a synthesizer interface by connecting modules. 

A multi-media, interactive timeline of Bob’s life and work, including never-before-seen personal documents that lend great insight into his thinking. Over 700 archival items are accessible through the timeline’s touchscreen kiosks. 

The all-important story of Leon Theremin and his seminal invention, the theremin, both inspirational forces in Bob’s life and work. A bay of interactive theremins and oscilloscopes include easy instruction on how to play the theremin, and understanding waveforms. 

The “How Electricity Becomes Sound” immersive visualization dome invites guests to step inside a circuit board and trace electricity as it evolves into sound, delving into the very heart of Bob’s work in sound synthesis. 

Re-creation of Bob’s workbench, and an exhibit on modular synthesis featuring a legendary modular that includes prototype modules from the late ’60s. 

The “History of Synthesis” interactive timeline honors 34 historical and contemporary developments in the field, bringing many fascinating but little-known instruments to life and giving a context to Bob’s work. 

The Learning Synthesis exhibit provides a hands-on, immersive opportunity into the basics of sound synthesis for the novice and advanced learner.